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Refresher Training

Essential opportunity in order to boost Unit performance, this training program is contextualized to the Unit on-going life, updated with real operating values and based on Unit follow-up and in-depth behaviour analysis.



Refresher training is designed to:

  • Update engineers and operators with improved operating procedures
  • Train efficiently the new comers
  • Maintain a satisfactory level of knowledge of engineers and operators with respect to best operating procedures

The program is structured around:

  • Review of process specifics
  • Operation parameters
  • Troubleshooting
  • Special operating procedures                                     

This tutoring is used also to share troubleshooting situations and gives recommendations and methodology to manage them.

The training content is therefore focused on lived experience, enhanced with improved operating procedures, enriched with troubleshooting situations from other sites and experienced ones. The program is based on an interactive pedagogy maximizing participants' learning capacity and sustaining their interest. Ideally, this program should be attended regularly, shortening the learning curve.

The training format is a classroom session often combined with an on simulator interactive training.    

1. Classroom Training 


2. Simulator Training

✓ Practical content enriched with improved operating procedures

✓ More complex troubleshooting situations

✓ Feedbacks from other users


✓ In-depth knowledge of technology specifics

✓ More complex case studies & what-if scenarios


Classroom Training 


Simulator Training

I will be able to optimize the normal operation and to react safely in case of unusual situations.

- Operator, Asia refinery, 2019


feel more qualified in the operation of the Unit.

- Engineer, Asia refinery, 2019




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