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High speed data networks, cloud-based systems and advanced data techniques are leading a distinct change in the way industries monitor and optimize operating assets. Refineries that adopt real-time unit monitoring tools incorporating on-demand, advanced modelling of process performance see an immediate marketplace advantage.

Axens Horizon’ has developped Connect’In ®, a digital service, that addresses these challenges and is leading the breakthrough to substantially improve the efficiency of refineries. This research service automatically collects and analyzes data from the refinery, with the highest standards of cyber security, and converts them into normalized KPIs using Axens high-fidelity models in real-time. Results are displayed through customized dashboards and projection tools enabling to accelerate the business and technical decision-making process.

That combination will ensure and guarantee the quality of the technical information and recommendations to support your decision process.

Axens has always been providing optimization services through technical assistance services, audits, troubleshooting and margin improvement studies, APC, Linear Programming, and management support. Connect’In ® is the natural, digital evolution of these services aimed at increasing refineries profitability.

Connect’In ® enables leveraging Axens’ expertise when needed, in order to deliver the best reliability and performance recommendations.



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