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APC - AlphaButol

APC solution for AlphaButol™ Unit

The AlphaButol advanced control package combines Axens Horizon' latest generation multivariable controller MVAC, with on line reactor models, in association with fractionation inferentials; it is designed to maximize the benefits from AlphaButol process, in an environment with complex, slow and non-linear multivariable interactions.

As process licensor, catalyst manufacturer and advanced control technology supplier, Axens Horizon combines all the necessary expertise for successful AlphaButol APC projects.

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A 4 step control strategy

  • Predictive control of Reactor Temperature.
  • Incondensable content control in Ethylene Recycle. Optimization of Ethylene purge
  • Butene-1 product purity control. Optimization of Recycle Column reboiler duty
  • Optimization of Butene-1 Column reboiler duty

dimerization reactor model

The AlphaButol control package uses Axens Horizon' Dimerization reactor model to calculate on-line kinetic parameters, used for Reactor Temperature control.

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  • Increased performance of reactor temperature control
  • Ethylene Recycle Purge minimization : - 4 %
  • Reboiler Duty minimization (both columns): - 4 %
  • Consistent quality of Butene-1 product.

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