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As an international provider of technologies, catalysts, adsorbents and technical services to the hydrocarbon industry, Axens Solutions offers customers extensive in-house mechanical and instrumentation expertise around our technologies focusing on proprietary equipment. This expertise is completed by wide-ranging experience with other equipment such as vessels, internals, packing, heat exchangers, valves, analyzers and instrumentation as well as chemicals.

The technology and know-how offered by Axens Solutions maximizes process performance and long-term reliability by enabling a synergy between the process and the equipment. Our objective is to enhance customer performance through innovative technical solutions. The service we offer is tailored to meet specific customer needs bringing value to our customers in several areas:

Axens Solutions Equipment Portfolio

Vessel Internals
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Applications: hydrotreatment processes (Grassroots, revamps)

EquiFlow® is the latest generation of reactor internals for hydrotreatment reactors. Its purpose is to provide excellent flow distribution starting at the inlet of the catalyst bed in order to maximize the efficiency of the catalyst. The implementation of EquiFlow technology maintains a perfect gas/liquid distribution through the catalytic bed to guarantee the performance while also maximizing the cycle duration. The principle is to ensure an optimized mixing of the gas and the liquid phases before entering the catalytic bed ensuring that the entire reactor the catalyst inventory is acting efficiently.

The EquiFlow family is sold under Hy-Up, Hy-Sep, Hy-Mix and Hy-Quench names for light cuts and Distributors and Mixing trays names for heavy cuts for respectively Up-Flow, Downflow Separate phases, Downflow Mixed phases and mixed or liquid Quench configurations depending on the different applications. 

The EquiFlow technology is suitable for implementation in new reactors as well in existing reactors as a replacement of the existing internals.

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Applications: Fluid Catalytic Cracking processes (Grassroots, Revamps)

The Riser Separation System (RSS) has been developed to ensure a near instantaneous separation of the hot effluent from the catalyst at the top of the reactor riser in order to limit over-cracking which causes excessive coking and dry gas make-up.

This system comprises integrated separation and stripping compartments to achieve both rapid and efficient stripping. Catalyst is contained and directed down into the stripper bed to be stripped with steam within large diplegs.

The RSS design is compatible with a retrofit into an existing unit and improves both the separation system to reduce dry gas and the stripping system to reduce delta coke.


Applications: MTBE, ETBE, TAME processes (Grassroots, Revamps)

The CatacolTM is a reactive distillation system consisting of a succession of reaction and distillation modules called Doublets integrated into the upper section of the distillation tower of the Etherification processes. This arrangement offers a number of benefits resulting from combining the finishing reaction in the distillation environment. Each module is optimized to achieve the highest efficiency. The reaction module operates in the liquid phase and is filled with conventional sulfonated resin catalyst, the same as in the main reaction section.


Applications: H-Oil, H-Coal processes

Ebulating bed reactor technologies require a set of internals with special design for introduction and collection of liquid, vapor and solid phases. All types of internals may be designed and supplied by Axens: spargers; distribution plates with gas risers; downcomers; recycle cup with helical risers; supports for different type of probes - level, pressure and temperature measurements.


Applications: Reforming processes (Grassroots, Revamps)

Specific internals for radial flow reactor systems are used for maximizing performance and reliability of our units. These systems increase contact efficiency between the process stream and the catalytic bed. Distribution of gas mixtures occurs radially through perforated plate distributors (scallops or baskets) located along the reactor walls and passed through the catalytic bed to be collected in a centerpipe and conveyed to the next reaction stage.


Applications: Eluxyl, Elupar processes

Specific trays have been developed for application in adsorbent towers for the separation of paraxylene from a C8 aromatics stream using a simulated bed of molecular sieve adsorbent and a desorbent to produce high purity paraxylene.

These trays are used to support molecular sieve-beds, to distribute and to collect the different products.

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Applications: Eluxyl, Reforming, Isomerisation, Polynaphtha processes (Grassroots, Revamps)

The Sequential Control System (SCS) has been developed to meet the requirements of continuous processing. Its great flexibility allows very fine on-line tuning and adapts the control to various factors and constraints of the unit without interruption, thus maximizing yield and benefits.

Customized for each customer's on-site requirements, the SCS is the result of long experience in the field of refining and petrochemicals. It avoids design problems and reduces development time while maximizing the reliability, improving catalyst life and boosting dryer performances.

The SCS architecture is based on a supervision system and a set of PLC cabinets that provide a high level of reliability, all redundant components and software providing a high level of reliability.

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Applications: Catalytic Reforming processes (Octanizing, Aromizing, SR)

The Catalyst Sampling Device is a reliable sampling system to withdraw a solid catalyst from a gas medium allowing analysis without interfering in the operation of the unit. During normal operations the catalyst sampling system is used to analyze catalyst carbon content, to determine the nature of any catalyst contamination or poisoning that may have occurred and to detect abnormal carbon deposit. 


Applications: Semi- Reg Catalytic Reforming process (Grassroots, Revamps)

The TexicapTM  is used for fixed-bed radial flow reactors in order to recover the unused catalyst volume. This extremely cost-effective device replaces the conventional metal shroud assembly installed at the top of the catalyst bed allowing access to the dead space above the unused bed volume. Compared with original flow conditions, reactor pressure drop is lowered as the reactants flow through a larger catalyst bed or alternatively the reactor can accept more feed.


Applications: Continuous Catalytic Reforming processes (Octanizing, Aromizing) (Grassroots, Revamps)

Axens uses a non-metallic corrosion resistant polymer to protect piping, walls and internals against corrosive phenomena encountered in chemical and petrochemical environments such as washing drums which can lead to severe attack of the metallic parts of the vessel. This specific and dedicated design is based on the use of a Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) as a lining and solid material.


Applications: Eluxyl, Elupar processes

On-line Raman spectroscopic analyzer is applied to visualize concentration profiles along the Eluxyl adsorber vessels on a real-time basis. This powerful technique allows fine and continuous supervision of the adsorption section.

Adsorption Package
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Skid Mounted Purification Packages

Applications: Control Hg content, prevent chlorine corrosion: The Axens solution : Skid mounted Purification Package

The use of new crudes, the more stringent requirement in product quality, the necessity to push the severity and the capacities, all these actions result in an increasing demand of package designed to solve issues which are now becoming critical such as reducing the level of contaminants acceptable (Hg, Arsenic, Sulfur), or a tight chlorine content in H2 or effluent stream. etc.

For this purpose, Axens develops a new service to provide to its customers a tailor made solution, including vessel size optimization, tools for analytical control and easy follow up of the operation, resulting in an optimization of adsorbent replacement, and continuous and reliable operation of your purification package.


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Desalting and dehydrating of crude oil and gas condensates

Crude oil desalting and dehydrating is a  highly important processing step to control and prevent equipment fouling and corrosion in addition of Catalyst deactivation and final Product quality concerns.​

​Thanks to the acquisition of Prosernat, Axens combines desalting know-how with its Leading Expertise in Refining technology which provides to Axens’ Desalter a unique positioning in the Market.​
Axens Electrostatic coalescers design and performance is industrially proven with a supply of more than 100 customized units.​

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