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Follow-up Assistance

Axens Solutions’ approach: customer-focused and flexible 

Customer’s requirements for assistance in the operation of their units change with the evolution of several parameters: the experience of the operations team, mechanical issues with some equipment, ageing of the catalyst, emergency situations, changes in feed quality or evolution of product specifications.

Axens Solutions is ready and able to provide assistance for the whole life-cycle of a unit and accompany customers through these situations. This assistance can be provided in a variety of different ways:

  • Technical Service Agreement
  • On Request Assistance
  • Routine Visits
  • Training and Retraining

Technical Service Agreement

Customer satisfaction is critical to Axens Solutions and operations support is the key to attaining this objective. Good product performance and meeting sales guarantees alone are not sufficient.

Inevitably, operating personnel are uncomfortable with changes affecting operations such as: process upsets, catalyst regeneration and replacement, changes in feedstock, modified product specifications, evolution of production goals and new operating staff. In coping with these changes, your resources - manpower, know-how and experience, are often strained. Axens Solutions' Tech Service Agreements (TSAs) are attractive as they allow you to expand your qualified resources at regular intervals or during one-off operations without the need to hire additional permanent staff. The TSA is the best available means to ensure that your plant operates at its peak running potential and maximum profitability.

TSAs keep Axens Solutions abreast of your evolving needs through regular feedback and contacts which enable us to adapt and provide tailored technical service accordingly. TSAs can provide the following:

  • On-site assistance to unit operating staff,
  • Process follow-up with recommendations for operational improvement,
  • Analyses of catalyst, feed and effluent streams,
  • Development and engineering support (e.g. corrosion, catalyst, chemicals),
  • Modeling and comparison of the unit’s performance with that of the best commercial units,
  • Technology and best-practice updates and improvements from similar plants around the world.

TSAs pay their way through optimized plant on-stream profitability, detection and resolution of potential problems before they happen as well as planned catalyst and adsorbent change-outs and equipment maintenance.

Whether it is to save time, troubleshoot, ensure the continuity of operations or optimize operations, the Axens Solutions' TSA is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make for your plant.

In the case of unit upsets, our response time will be quicker and our efficiency will be improved if we already have the history of the unit in our database and all the necessary information

On Request Assistance

Typical technical service needs arise when operating staff have been renewed or when customers require temporary assistance for special operations or expertise. In cases such as these, an agreement is signed by the customer and Axens Solutions for the services of a technologist or task force. Axens Solutions provides advisors to follow catalyst regeneration, to carry out unit inspections during turnaround, expertise to check critical internals and troubleshooting.

An Axens Solutions technologist can be dispatched to the site to evaluate the operation and propose a strategy to recover or improve performance. Other services such as:

  • laboratory analyses,
  • hands-on training and retraining of your new operations or process engineers
  • technical meetings with process experts to identify current bottlenecks and develop possible revamping scenarios.

Axens Solutions is able to provide all the necessary solutions to maintain the operation of your unit operating to your satisfaction. Your success is our best reference.

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