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Process Operation Simulator

Maximize performance through your operating and process engineering personnel

Operations and process engineers are a plant’s frontline resources; high-quality performance from them can maximize plant performance and this depends on the quality of their knowledge and tools.

Process operation simulators (webPOS) boost an engineer’s effectiveness to the next level.  They offer the right solutions to help engineers analyze what-if scenarios, catalyst service life, utility costs, yields and equipment performance.

Axens Horizon’s knowledge is shared with its clients through access to accurate and reliable tools that enable off-line optimization of operating plants.

webPOS programs are offered as web-based applications that are easy to maintain and to update.  They can be dedicated to individual units or cover a group of units, such as a complete aromatics complex.

process operating simulators

Process operation simulators are also used to support Axens Horizon’s regular training sessions. The aim is to use interactive techniques to familiarize unit operators and support staff with process behavior when feedstock quality changes and/or product characteristics are modified.

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