Where is Total Hydro/solvents used?

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Total Hydrogenation for solvents

Axens Solutions’ Total hydrogenation technology is aimed at producing high purity solvent and is operated at extremely high severity to meet tight aromatics specifications as low as 10 ppm in the hydrogenated product while achieving complete diolefin and olefin saturation.

dimerization and oligomerization products constitute the highly concentrated olefinic stream, the feed of choice for Axens Solutions hydrogenation technology.

The Hydrogenation unit utilizes a highly active catalyst that is operated in the liquid phase under mild conditions to minimize the investment cost. Typically the operating pressure is fixed by the hydrogen make up gas delivery pressure. A polishing reactor is typically used to finalize the aromatics saturation for stringent specifications.

Accurate distribution inside the reactors is of paramount importance to maximize the hydrogenation of the olefins and of the aromatics at minimum temperature.

Axens Solutions Total Hydrogenation Process ideally complements Axens Solutions heterogeneous Polynaphtha or Selectopol process as well as Axens Solutions homogeneous Dimersol process when solvent production is required.

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