Where is Sel. Hydro 1-Butene Max used?


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  • Oil Refining
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  • Gases
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Water

Selective Hydrogenation 1-Butene Maximization Process

On top of selectively hydrogenating butadiene into n-butenes, resulting in a n-butenes rich stream out of which butadiene traces have to be eliminated for further downstream processing, it can eventually be required to maximize the content of 1-butene isomer, rather than 2-butene.

To do so, Axens Solutions selective hydrogenation with 1-butene maximization process will lead to maximum 1-butene yield of the process, thanks to the use of adapted operating conditions as well as of the dedicated and specific LD 271 catalyst.

Axens Solutions has been awarded more than twenty references of such units, which also allows achieving complete isobutene preservation.

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