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The purpose of the OlicrackTM unit is to produce a high quantity of propylene, through oligomerization and cracking of primarily C4 to C6 olefin-rich feeds, using a zeolite-based catalyst.

The aim of the OlicrackTM process is to improve low value feedstocks such as off-gas, LPG purges or light ends through the production of propylene and, to some extent, ethylene.

Important synergies exist with FCC, Coker or Steam Cracker units due to the low olefinicity required of OlicrackTM feedstocks while the naphtha by-product exhibits a low olefinicity, making it a valuable feed for Naphtha Steam Crackers.

The highly active cracking catalyst requires continuous regeneration to remove coke produced in the reaction section.  A circulating catalyst system with a dedicated regeneration section is provided using Axens Solutions state-of-the-art technology for continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR).

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