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Revamping Solutions

Speed up your revamp with Axens Solutions
Unit revamping is increasingly complex and operators want to execute these projects on a fast-track basis.  For a successful revamping project, no matter the degree of its complexity, and in accordance with your tight schedules, Axens Solutions is your unique contact during the phase preceding detailed engineering.

Axens Solutions’ offer is based on our well founded expertise and several decades of experience:

  • a manufacturer and supplier of continuously improving catalysts
  • as a reference company for technology licensing with strong basic engineering capabilities
  • in project management of integrated offers with several entities.

Our team of equipment specialists and our extensive network of detailed engineering contractors and equipment manufacturers complete this offer.

A pragmatic approach
Our approach consists of successive phases performed before the detailed engineering design begins, to help you select the most appropriate scheme.

  • Scoping Study: a pre-feasibility study that evaluates revamp options by identifying the major modifications for each revamp scenario. Axens Solutions provides rough cost estimates for new or modified equipment and budget prices for catalysts. These elements enable the selection of one or more revamp scenarios that will be subsequently developed in a Feasibility study.
  • Feasibility Study: once the revamp scenario or scenarios are clearly identified in the previous step, Axens Solutions can perform a Process Study. The Process Study ensures the feasibility of the selected revamp case and provides refined cost estimates. The Process Study deliverables enable the client to make a decision on go/no go for their revamping project. Then Axens Solutions can complete a Process Design Package that may include basic engineering deliverables such as equipment rating and sizing, lay-out arrangements, piping modifications, utility system impacts, and safety reviews.

To illustrate Axens Solutions extensive experience in revamping, several case studies are available in the Documentation Center area.

Documentation Center

Revamp-Mild Hydrocracking / HyC-10+ cadenas

Revamping Case Study - Semi-Regenerative Reforming - Commercial Bulletin cadenas

Strategy for Successful Revamps cadenas

Revamp-FCC Technology Upgrade-CS3 cadenas

Revamp-FCC Technology Upgrade-CS1 cadenas

Revamp-Middle Distillate Hydrotreating cadenas

Revamp-FCC Technology Upgrade-CS2 cadenas

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