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H-Oil DC

The H-Oil® DC (DC stands for Distillate Cracking) process uses ebullated-bed hydrocracking technology (H-Oil® ) to process refractory oils such as vacuum gasoils (VGO), deasphalted oils (DAO) or Coal derived oils. These feeds typically contain metals, CCR, nitrogen or suspended solids that cause rapid catalyst fouling and contamination.

The ebullated-bed reactor system overcomes problems encountered with fixed-bed reactors when processing difficult feedstocks or when high processing severity is required. The bed of catalyst is fluidized (ebullated) by the lift of hydrogen and feed oil and recycled reactor liquid. The ebullated catalyst is well mixed and can be added and withdrawn from the reactor while at operating conditions.

Because of the ability to replace the catalyst bed incrementally, the H-Oil® DC Reactor can operate reliably for four to five years between turnarounds, with high yields of middle distillates and constant product properties over time.

Conversion levels are range from low conversion to above 80 wt% depending on the refinery scheme.

Specific catalysts have been developed for this process: HTS 358 for VGO and HTS 458 for heavy DAO feeds. They provide high refining activity, metals tolerance and selective conversion to the diesel fraction. The catalysts have excellent mechanical properties that allow high temperature operation and minimal fines production.

The H-Oil® ebullated bed conversion technology is commercially proven with nine commercially operating ebullated-bed reactor units.

The H-Oil® RC process is another version of the H-Oil® ebullated bed technology dedicated to atmospheric and vacuum residues.

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