Where is Olefins Hydro used?

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Olefins Hydrogenation Process

Axens Solutions hydrogenation technology constitutes a low cost alternative option to hydrotreatment for diolefins and olefins saturation and is the solution of choice retained,

  • When it is not possible to directly blend the unsaturated cuts that boil in the gasoline range due to olefin constraints on the gasoline pool
  • When there is no hydrotreatment capacity available for processing the unsaturated cuts that boil in the gasoline or in the distillate range or in mixtures.

With this regard dimerization and oligomerization products constitute a highly concentrated olefinic feed of choice for Axens Solutions hydrogenation technology.

The Hydrogenation unit utilizes a highly active catalyst that is operated in the liquid phase under mild conditions to minimize the investment cost. Typically the operating pressure is fixed by the hydrogen make up gas delivery pressure.

Accurate distribution inside the reactor is of paramount importance to maximize the hydrogenation of olefins at the lowest temperature.

Axens Solutions technology is flexible and the hydrogenation severity can be adapted to meet the olefins specifications.

When processing a gasoline fraction, partial hydrogenation is implemented preferably in order to limit octane loss through olefin saturation. In the Axens Solutions design, the olefin hydrogenation can be controlled by simple adjustment of the hydrogen make-up. The Axens Solutions Hydrogenation Process ideally complements Axens Solutions heterogeneous Polynaphtha process when the gasoline pool is limited by olefin constraints.

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