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The Dimersol -G process is used to dimerize light olefins (C2 to C4) from C3 streams in order to make high octane gasoline. Even if the interest has somewhat decreased in the recent years due to the high value of propylene and to limitations of olefins in the gasoline pool, it brings an excellent contribution to the pool as it is aromatics and sulfur free, as it has a low RVP (6-7 psia), a very low driveability index (about 1080, i.e. lower than alkylate, reformate or FCC naphtha) and good octane index (RON around 88.5). Thirty-five Dimersol units treating various olefinic C3 and C4 cuts have been licensed. Typical octenes production capacities range from 20,000 t/y up to 90,000 t/y.

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