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Total Hydrogenation

In view of optimizing the co-cracking of the various streams that are worth being sent back as feedstock to the cracker furnaces, or produce cuts that can be used as LPG, Axens Solutions has developed the corresponding total hydrogenation technologies. The cuts on which such total hydrogenation process have evolved as a result of the market demand in products, and nature of the feedstcoks processed.
Today, Axens Solutions is in the position to present all kind of configurations of either single or mixed cuts, such as:

Through total hydrogenation, the characteristics of the cut for co-cracking are optimized towards better ethylene yield, lower coking of the cracking furnaces as a result of the full elimination of diolefins.

Back at the time butadiene surpluses existed in several countries, naphtha cracker operators had found this new economical ways other than butadiene extraction to upgrade their C4 cuts. To date, when butadiene is extracted, the total hydrogenation applied to the raffinate is an excellent way to continue the improvement of the co-cracking feed quality. It can also be an option of choice when the amount of crude C4 is too small to make the implementation of a butadiene extraction economically interesting.

In view of optimizing the upgrading of pygas, and specifically its C5 fraction, the co-cracking of C5’s, whether of crude C5’s, of C5’s after pygas 1st stage hydrogenation, of C5’s after isoprene extraction is a very well suited option.

Since 1978, Axens Solutions has acquired an unrivaled experience in hydrogenation processes for steam cracker C3, C3/C4, C4 streams, C4/C5 and C5 streams with more than fifty references.

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