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Axens Solutions' new generation hydrocracking technology enlarges the flexibility of this process as it allows to convert economically not only conventional vacuum gas oils (VGO), but also VGO's from heavy and extra-heavy crudes, as well as deasphalted oil (DAO) or coker gas oils, into high quality middle distillates. Based on Axens Solutions' unique choice of hydrocracking technologies and catalysts, the pressure management concept enables substantial reductions in capital and operating costs, the payout time thus varying from 2 to 3 years. Furthermore, the new technology enables production of very high VI lube oil base stocks, combined with high yields of high quality middle distillates. By selecting the appropriate catalyst, Axens Solutions' process can produce the whole range of oil grades, from transformer oil to the bright stock. To date, Axens Solutions has more than 20 references in hydrocracking.

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