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Whether the ultimate use of the pyrolysis gasoline is for aromatics production or blending to the mator gasoline pool, a growing interest has been demonstrated for the processing of the pyrolysis gasoline in a Gasoline hydrogenation Unit 2nd Stage –what GHU-2 stands for - after GHU-1.

In view of further aromatics production, the sulphur content and bromine index of the fraction processed is adjusted to match the downstream units requirements.

Besides the mandatory sulphur and olefins removal that are expected from this unit, Axens Solutions technology used with the appropriate dedicated catalyst allows nearly full preservation of the aromatics, which is a mandate when the ultimate goal is to value the pyrolysis gasoline for its aromatics content.

When the end use of gasoline if for motor gasoline pool blending, the product reaches the stringent sulphur specification that would otherwise make it difficult for blending. Some units combine both ultimate use of part the fraction, say C6 fro instance, going to aromatics extraction, while the heavier fraction can be sent to the gasoline pool.

The first Axens Solutions pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation units, GHU-1 and GHU-2, started up in 1967. On top its large experience in more than 100 GHU-1 that gives a lot of understanding to what is fed to GHU-2, Axens Solutions has acquired a vast experience of GHU-2 with more than 70 units designed/revamped.

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