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Diesel hydroprocessing is one of today’s most rapidly changing refining activities. In order to meet increasing diesel demand, refiners are facing the challenge to maximize their diesel pool by processing higher cracked stock fractions and hence more difficult feeds. At the same time, diesel hydrotreaters (HDT) need to be operated under tighter conditions to meet increasingly severe diesel fuel specifications as refiners in almost all regions of the world adapt progressively to the Euro V norms. All this calls for reliable and higher performance technologies, catalysts and services.

To keep pace with this increasing demand, Axens Solutions has continuously developed its Prime-D™ Toolbox, a full set of commercially proven technologies that allow refiners to produce on-spec ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) with minimum investment, minimum operating cost and maximum reliability. The Prime-D™ technology, catalysts and services are founded upon solid research and development and draw upon extensive experience and solid expertise.


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Prime D, the flexible technology answering to feedstock and diesel tight specifications cadenas

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