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  • Benfree® C

When limiting the benzene formation in the reformer is not sufficient to meet gasoline pool specifications, Benfree® C will provide a reliable solution to adjust the benzene saturation to requirement.  The conventional option consists of a hydrogenation unit downstream of a reformate splitter to saturate the benzene contained in the light reformate stream. The unit utilizes a highly active catalyst that is operated in the liquid phase under mild conditions to minimize investment cost. This is the best option for very high benzene reduction requirements. As the catalyst hydrogenates all the aromatics contained in the feed toluene must be removed to maximize octane retention. 

  • Benfree RD

The Benfree RD integrates an external fixed bed hydrogenation reactor with the reformate splitter column, therefore reducing equipment and associated costs to save capital cost and plot area. The light reformate product is withdrawn as a side draw of the column for RVP control. Operating conditions are adjusted to minimize the toluene carry-over to the hydrogenation reactor thus minimizing the octane loss.

This simple integrated reactive distillation concept is industrially proven and provides excellent benzene saturation with simple operation and easy catalyst loading and unloading.
This is the preferred option for moderate to high benzene reduction requirements.


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