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HR 504

  • Description: VGO Hydrotreating - High HDS & HDN activity  
  • Characteristics:CoMoNi, Al2O3
  • Shape: Multilobe Extrudates 



HR 504 is a new CoMoNi catalyst based on Axens’ ACE® Technology and designed to reduce the reactor cost-to-fill while maintaining very high standards in terms of VGO desulfurisation and upgrade for feeding FCC units. HR 504 also displays the well recognized properties of HR 500 Series catalysts, i.e. activity, stability and regenerability by simple one-stage coke burning.

HR 504 offers the following benefits as compared to HR 568, the benchmark product in the field:

  • Lower reactor cost-to-fill
  • Improved HDS, HDN and PNA saturation activity
  • Identical outstanding stability
  • Same inexpensive regenerability

Axens is a World Leader in Licensing and Catalysts supply especially in the field of FCC and surrounding technologies with more than 300 licensees in FCC Pretreatment and Postreatment (Prime-G+®).

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