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SiTrap ACT 991

  • Description:Active Grading - Metal (Silica) Trap®
  • Characteristics:CoMoNi, Al2O3
  • Shape: Multilobe Extrudates 

ACT 991 is the newly developed trap material for silicon removal in heavy feeds. The surface area and the texture of support as well as the formulation have been designed for this specific application.
Recent trend in the industry show an increase use of silicon-based flow improvers as well as an increase of high viscosity anti-foaming additives resulting in the presence of Si in heavier cuts.
High efficiency silicon trap (ACT 971 and ACT 981) which have been specifically designed and optimized for naphtha and mid-distillate applications are less optimum for heavier oil application due to diffusional limitations.

ACT 991 pore structure has been especially designed to overcome this issue and allows the maximization of the diffusion of the Si-molecules through the catalyst grain and minimize the pore-mouth plugging.

ACT 991 is particularly suitable to Heavy Coker Gasoil, DAO and other heavy oil streams that may contain high boiling point silicon molecules.

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ACT 991 - Technical Data Sheet cadenas

ACT 991 S - Technical Data Sheet cadenas

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