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Impulse HR 1248

Impulse® Series offers a comprehensive range of hydrotreating catalysts with over 100 commercial references, a testimonial of clients’ trust in Axens’ expertise since its launch in 2013. The series covers all hydrotreating needs of the refinery from middle distillates and VGO hydrotreating to hydrocracking pretreatment. In addition, Axens’ Impulse® associated services can provide refiners with technical advices and assistance as well as drafting plans for hydrotreating and hydroprocessing needs.

  • Description: Middle Distillates and Naphtha Hydrotreating - HDS & HDA, maximum performances
  • Characteristics:NiMo, Al2O3
  • Shape:Quadrilobe Extrudates

Impulse® technology’s HR 1248 is engineered for maximum activity while maintaining the unique stability of Axens’ HR 600 series. This combination provides a maximum-profitability solution for ULSD production and addresses the following issues:

- Cetane Improvement is required because an increasing number of conversion units are coming on-stream and more cracked feedstock is incorporated into the diesel pool.
- Diesel Yields are improved by including more upper boiling range refractory components. The treatment of these compounds, however, requires highly active hydroprocessing catalysts.
- Hydrogen Cost. In low H2-cost regions, an interest in more saturation of aromatics exists as this generates additional volume swell and a decrease of the product’s distillation end tail.

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Impulse™ - Commercial Bulletin cadenas

Impulse™ HR 1248 - Commercial Bulletin cadenas

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