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ACT 935

  • Description:Active Grading - Diolefins and Olefins saturation. Gums and polymer formation control
  • Characteristics:NiMo, Al2O3
  • Shape:Ring


ACT 935 is used as an active grading material upstream the main catalytic bed in the hydrotreatment of hydrocarbon cuts including naphtha, gasoil or vacuum gasoil.

ACT 935 is a hollow cylinder ring designed to provide high void fraction allowing particles contained in the feed to distribute evenly within its layer.

ACT 935 neutral carrier combined with its active phase provide a smooth hydrogenation of olefin and diolefins preventing gums and coke formation in the bed. In addition, the high porosity of ACT 935 provides efficient metal trapping. It can be used in combination with any hydrotreating catalysts. Its specific size causes a gradient of particle size at the top of the reactor.

ACT 935 is one of a series of grading materials in the Axens’ graded bed system for pressure drop control. In particular, ACT 935 can be used in conjunction with ACT 068 / ACT 069 and ACT 077 / ACT 078.

ACT 935 is delivered under oxide form. It is sulfided by injection of sulfiding agents.

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