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LD 402

  • Description: aromatics Hydrogenation
  • Characteristics:Pt, Al2O3
  • Shape:Cylindrical Extrudates


REACH: The here above substances have been pre-registered under ECHA procedures. For more information contact: reachaxens@axens.net

LD 402 is a promoted platinum on special alumina catalyst used for the total dearomatisation of various hydrocarbon cuts including naphtha, kerosene, gasoil, paraffins. Aromatic free solvents and food or medicinal (CODEX) grade oils can be produced.

The raw cuts often contain sulfur which is responsible for poisoning of normal catalysts based on nickel or platinum. The specific composition of LD 402 brings sulfur resistance to the platinum, making possible the direct hydrogenation depending on operating conditions of materials containing up to 100 ppm sulfur.

The combined sulfur is completely transformed into H2S and the product is completely free from sulfur.


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