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PS 40

  • Description:CCR Reforming - Gasoline production
  • Characteristics:Promoted Pt, Sn on low density Al2O3
  • Shape:Spheres

PS 40™ is a spherical, low platinum/tin containing reforming catalyst.Compared to other continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR) catalysts, PS 40™ has been modified to reduce paraffin cracking with results in more hydrogen and C5+ reformate being produced at a lower coke make.

The support used for this catalyst is designed to reduce make-up catalyst additions by resisting loss due to abrasion and crushing. The surface area decline rate for this support has been reduced. More cycles through the regeneration process are possible without rapid loss of surface area and pore volume.

Due to this support’s ability to retain chlorides, costs for chloride chemicals are reduced and equipment corrosion is also reduced.

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