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IP 811

  • Application :Heterogeneous Oligomerization - Olefins oligomerization to Gasoline and/or Middle Distillates (Polynaphtha)
  • Type : Proprietary 
  • Shape :Trilobe Extrudates


Polynaphtha™, Selectopol™ and PolyFuel® are Axens' technologies which oligomerize olefins contained in the light cracked cut into higher value olefinic cuts which can be used as high octane gasoline or high cold properties kerosene or diesel fraction.

The specific high selectivity of the IP 811 promoted catalyst results in long operation cycles due to very low gums deposits on the active surface.

IP 811 mechanical strength is very high being unaffected by accidental presence of water and other impurities. In-situ or ex-situ regeneration of the catalyst can be used to restore the activity without altering its mechanical properties.

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