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Craken HYK 732

  • Description: Hydrocracking - Hydrocracking for Middle Distillates & Lube Oil production
  • Characteristics:Metals on Zeolite
  • Shape: Multilobe Extrudates 

The HYK 700 series ( Craken  HYK 732, Craken HYK 742 and Craken HYK 752) is our latest zeolite hydrocraking catalysts range featuring significantly higher activity than the HYC 600 Series, utmost selectivity and, with an improved hydrogenation activity, better long-term stability, i.e., longer cycle length.

HYK 700 series is dedicated to the processing of pretreated vacuum gasoils.

It illustrates the ACE™ (Advanced Catalytic Engineering) know-how developed by Axens. It provides comparable conversion levels to amorphous types but at much reduced temperatures. Coupled with high operating stability, HYK 700 series brings very long operating cycles, which together with its full regenerability ensures unrivalled life service.

With its intrinsic activity superior to previous versions of zeolitic type catalysts, HYK 700 series provides further improved selectivity to middle distillate fractions ( kerosene and gasoil) for a given conversion, coupled with enhanced product properties.

It is used in hydrocracking processes folowwing pre-treatment using HRK 558 and/or HDK 776 catalysts which provide optimized hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) performance, coupled with attractive Viscosity Index (VI) values.

To help you choose the most suitable HYK 700 series catalyst to answer your needs, please contact us.

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