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LD 145

  • Description:Gasoline Hydrotreating - Cracked Gasoline Diolefins & Olefins hydrogenation
  • Characteristics: NiMo, neutral Al2O3 
  • Shape:Spheres


LD 145 is a nickel-molybdenum on special alumina catalyst used in the second step selective hydrogenation of pyrolysis gasoline, including steam-cracker gasoline, for the production of aromatics . The second step consists of the elimination of sulfur, with no loss of aromatics, to meet aromatic product specifications. The second catalyst used in connection with LD 145 is HR 406.

The use of the LD 145 at the top of the catalyst bed achieves total selective hydrogenation of the minor amounts of diolefins still present in the gasoline following the first stage selective hydrogenation and hydrogenation of a major portion of the olefins present. This configuration leads to longer cycles at lower operating pressures.

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