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Symphony™ AR 151

  • Description:Symphony®  High Density CCR catalyst
  • Characteristics:Multipromoted Pt, Sn on high density Al2O3
  • Shape:Spheres



Symphony®  AR 151 is the high density Pt-Sn member of the Symphony® reforming catalyst family which utilizes an enhanced modifier package and superior alumina to more effectively upgrade naphtha into C6-C8 aromatics, in Axens and non-Axens designed units.

AR 151 delivers the following advantages relative to other commercially available aromizing catalysts for continuous reformer service:

  • Industry leading aromatic yields
  • Industry leading hydrothermal stability resulting in enhanced:
    • surface area retention for longer ultimate life with like new catalyst performance
    • chloride retention requiring less chloride addition and less chloride cleanup downstream
    • capacity for coke and permanent contaminants without performance loss
  • Industry leading attrition resistance resulting in lower fines production and less unit maintenance

Symphony®  AR 151 is primarily targeted for any continuous reformer service that requires the advantages that high density catalyst offers and maximum aromatics production.  Moreover, its intrinsic properties are particularly invaluable for units suffering from constraints such as pinning, furnace limitations, high fines make, poor chloride retention and rapid loss of catalyst surface area.



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