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LD 551

  • Description:High activity Ni catalyst for Pyrolysis Gasoline 1st stage hydrogenation application 
  • Characteristics:Ni, Al2O3
  • Shape:Quadrilobe Extrudate


LD 551 is the latest generation of high activity Nickel based catalyst marketed by Axens for Pyrolysis Gasoline (so-called Pygas) or Cracked Gasoline 1st stage hydrogenation units, to selectively hydrogenate unsaturated compounds such as diolefins and alkenyl- aromatics.

LD 551 offers the advantage of an excellent resistance to Air Burning with a very high activity comparable to the LD 541, a very good stability, resistance to contaminants and selectivity in order to avoid any aromatics saturation.

LD 551 can be delivered under different forms: oxide or reduced and selectivated (RS) form.

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