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AxTrap 4013 L

  • Description: Removal of H2S, COS and mercaptans, from clear liquid hydrocarbon streams such as LPG, NGL, gasoline, kerosene and solvents
  • Shape:Granules



AxTrap 4013 L is a patent-pending high-capacity non-hazardous granular media specifically designed for use in the removal of H2S, along with some carbonyl sulfide and mercaptans from hydrocarbon liquids. lt is comprised of a porous mixed iron-metal oxide formed on a stable inert base along with an inorganic adsorption phase specific for heavier sulfur compounds.

AxTrap 4013 L is used for selective removal of higher levels of H2S, along with COS, light mercaptans and lower levels of heavier organic thiols and sulfides to pass copper strip test and help meet total sulfur content of clear liquid hydrocarbons. This media works without or with oxygen present.

AxTrap 4013 L unique formulation allows reliable performance in a wide variety of hydrocarbon liquids and is not adversely affected by the presence of free water.

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