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AxTrap 4003 L

  • Description: Removal of H2S, light mercaptans and other contaminants from liquid hydrocarbon streams and gasses
  • Shape:Granules



AxTrap 4003 L is a patent-pending high-capacity non-hazardous granular media. lt is a formed granular product of a porous mixed iron oxides tightly bound on a stable hygroscopic inert base.

AxTrap 4003 L is specifically formulated to safely and irreversibly remove H2S and other sulfur contaminants from liquid hydrocarbon streams such as propane, butane, LPG, natural and refined gasoline. This high-capacity, lightweight product is designed to help meet copper strip corrosion and «head space» H2S specifications in LPG, gasoline, jet fuel and other liquid hydrocarbon streams.

AxTrap 4003 L will not break down when soaked in water and spent media can easily be cleaned by a variety of methods.

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