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AxSorb 990


  • Description: Axsorb® - Purification Series - Water & CO2 removal from air separation units
  • Characteristics:Proprietary
  • Shape:Spheres




Axsorb® 990 is a smooth, spherical alumina based product designed specifically for removal of carbon dioxide from a wide variety of gases.

The high surface area of AxSorb® 990 combined with the addition of a dedicated promoter improve selectivity for CO2 adsorption and ensure maximum adsorption capacity.
AxSorb® 990 is designed to supplement or replace existing methods of CO2 removal in both industrial gases and petrochemical applications.  It is also an effective desiccant material and is capable of adsorbing water and other contaminants simultaneously to provide a dry, high purity feedstock suitable for polymerization feedstocks.

The product is readily available in both 1.5-3 mm (8 x 14 mesh), and 2-5 mm (4 x 8 mesh) size fractions.

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