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Symphony™ PS 100

  • Description:CCR Reforming - Gasoline production
  • Characteristics:Multipromoted Pt, Sn on low density Al2O3
  • Shape:Spheres


Symphony®  PS 100 is a multi-metallic, platinum-tin, reforming catalyst developed to produce high octane gasoline.
Symphony®  PS 100 has been designed for the continuous regeneration reforming process and offers:

  • Very high selectivity producing maximum C5+ and hydrogen yield.
  • Exceptional mechanical strength leading to minimal abrasion during catalyst transfer through lifts between reactor / regenerator
  • High regenerability due to low surface area decrease after numerous regenerations
  • Superior chloride retention owing to the combined effect of its special carrier and promoters. Refiners therefore benefit by adding less chloride and requiring less chloride clean up
  • Low coke due to its multi-metallic formulation. Refiners therefore have opportunities to increase operation severity (octane, throughput, feed severity) without facing coke burning limitations


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