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Impulse HRK 1448

Impulse® Series offers a comprehensive range of hydrotreating catalysts with over 100 commercial references, a testimonial of clients’ trust in Axens’ expertise since its launch in 2013. The series covers all hydrotreating needs of the refinery from middle distillates and VGO hydrotreating to hydrocracking pretreatment. In addition, Axens’ Impulse® associated services can provide refiners with technical advices and assistance as well as drafting plans for hydrotreating and hydroprocessing needs.

  • Description: Hydrocracking - Hydrocracking pretreatment catalyst & high HDN activity
  • Characteristics: NiMo, Al2O3 
  • Shape: Multilobe Extrudates 


Impulse® HRK 1448 is result of our continuous innovation in catalyst technology. It ensures maximum hydrocracking profitability by providing major improvements in feed pretreatment performance.
Processing increasingly difficult feeds without the need to modify severity of operations or replace catalyst prematurely improves refining margins. HRK 1448 can handle more severe feeds such as Heavy Coker Gas Oil (HCGO) without cycle penalty and is well suited for opportunity feeds.

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Impulse™ - Commercial Bulletin cadenas

Impulse™ HRK 1448 - Commercial Bulletin cadenas

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