Where is Symphony™ P 152 used?

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Symphony™ P 152

  • Description:Cyclic Reforming - Gasoline production
  • Characteristics: Multipromoted Pt, high density Al2O3
  • Shape:Cylindrical Extrudate

Symphony® P 152 is the latest mono metallic development of Axens regarding reforming application.
This catalyst benefits from the most recent improvements coming from Axens & former Criterion R&D.

Its high density, together with its improved catalyst formulation, allow the refiners to get:

  • improved reformate & hydrogen yields in a wide range of operating conditions.
  • improved chloride retention .
  • increased cycle length linked to a lower coke make.



Symphony®  P 152 is recommended for mainly cyclic reformer processes or when sulphur is on the high side.
This catalyst is used in either motor fuels or BTX reformers.

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