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AxSorb 911

  • Description:Axsorb® - Purification Series - CO2, Sulfur, Nitrogen & Oxygenates compounds removal
  • Characteristics:Proprietary
  • Shape:Cylindrical Extrudates

Regenerative adsorbent designed for industry-specific purification of a wide variety of feedstocks. Axsorb® 911 features a very high selectivity towards polar molecules and a high adsorption capacity. AxSorb® 911 could manage a wide variety of purifications:

  • Drying & Sweetening of natural gas, condensate and LPG,
  • Drying & Carbon Dioxide (CO2) removal from air plant purification sections,
  • Purification of olefin streams feeding polyolefin plants,
  • Purification of C4 and C5 olefin cuts by adsorption of sulfur (mercaptans, disulfides), oxygenates (ketones, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, peroxides) and nitrogen compounds (ammoniac, acetonitrile, propionitrile),
  • Removal of light aromatics from paraffinic streams.

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