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LD 541

  • Description:Selective Hydrogenation - C5+ cuts liquid phase hydrogenation 
  • Characteristics:Ni, Al2O3
  • Shape:Trilobe Extrudates


LD 541 is the latest-developed nickel on alumina catalyst used for the selective hydrogenation of diolefins and alkenyl aromatics present in unsaturated streams.

It displays significantly higher activity and provides enhanced product quality and cycle length, while keeping similar properties in terms of stability, resistance to contaminants and regenerability as compared to its predecessors LD241/LD341/LD441.

LD 541 is mostly devoted to first step pygas hydrogenation units processing contaminated feedstocks (with significant amounts of Si, As for instance), when Palladium based catalysts are no more applicable due to contamination, and high level of activity is still required. It allows sweetening the pyrolysis gasoline when required, and prepares a good quality feedstock to the second stage pygas hydrogenation devoted to the preparation for further aromatics production.

LD 541 is delivered under different forms (oxide form, selectivated form, preactivated and selectivated form). During the oil in of this catalyst, it is mandatory to strictly respect Axens Procedure. The presence on site of one Axens expert to help operators to properly apply the procedure is highly recommended.

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