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TA 801

  • Description:Heterogeneous Oligomerization - Olefins oligomerization to Gasoline and/or Middle Distillates (OATS)
  • Characteristics:Proprietary
  • Shape:Spheres

BP & Axens/IFPEN have formed an alliance to further develop and commercialize the OATS™ (Olefin Alkylation of Thiophenic Sulfur) technology.
TA 801 is the latest generation catalyst developed by Axens for this application. TA 801 is an ion exchange resin based catalyst specifically developed for thiophene alkylation in the OATS process.

Two main types of reaction take place over the TA 801 catalyst used in the process:

  • Sulfur Shift Reactions
    Thiophenic sulfur and light sulfur species are essentially converted to higher boiling sulfur compounds by alkylation with olefins thus producing a sulfur-free light FCC fraction.
  • Olefins Shift Reactions
    Light olefins are oligomerized and isomerized to produce highly branched oligomers

Depending on the refinery objective TA 801 can be utilized either to optimize the light FCC fraction desulfurization (Desulfurization Mode) or to maximize the production of distillates by oligomerization ( oligomerization Mode).

TA 801 has been developed to optimize performances in terms of sulfur and olefin conversion rates.  It is stable as well as tolerant of impurities and is ideally utilized downstream of the 1st Step Prime-G+® process

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