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ACT 108

  • Description:Inert Grading - Speciality bed topping
  • Characteristics:Ceramic
  • Shape: Hollow cylinder



ACT 108 has been developed to extend cycle length on units experiencing pressure drop due to particulate depositions (solid deposits such as rust, gums, coke, …) or top bed crust formation.

ACT 108 replaces ineffective inert alumina balls used for bed hold-on at the top of catalytic reactors operating in liquid, mixed or vapor phase, such as hydrogenation/Hydrotreating or similar applications.

The bed topping is a ring shape inert ceramic.

ACT 108 is one of the successive stages proposed by Axens in pressure drop control strategy.

Its ring shape provides high surface area to capture particulates, easy access to internal surface and high void fraction to mitigate pressure drop build-up.

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