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HT 438

  • Description:Residue Hydrotreating - HDS of Atmospheric & Vacuum Residue
  • Characteristics:CoMoNi, Al2O3
  • Shape: Multilobe Extrudates 


HT 438 is a recently-developed catalyst used for the hydrotreatment of demetallized heavy cuts like atmospheric and vacuum residues.

HT 438 provides a higher hydro desulfurization activity, even in very severe operating conditions, owing to its optimized carrier texture and optimized formulation. HT 438 is an illustrative example of the Avanced Catalyst Engineering know-how of Axens.

HT 438 combines significantly higher hydrodesulfurization, hydrodenitrification and HDCCR (Conradson Carbon Reduction through hydrogenation) activities together with a unique stability, whilst processing heavy cuts. In industrial operations, its deactivation rate is drastically lower than the previous generations thereby providing uncomparable stability.

HT 438 is used in conjunction with one or several of our resid demetallization catalysts (HMC 868, HF 858, HM 848) which protect it against deactivation by metal contamination. The relative proportion of these demetallization (HMC 868, HF 858, HM 848) and HT 438 catalysts is optimized on a case by case basis according to feed quality, operating conditions, and required yields and products qualities.

Due to its excellent hydrodesulfurization activity, HT 438 is well adapted to be used in the last stage of the Axens Hyvahl® or other fixed-bed residue treating technologies. HT 438 improves the HDS performance of the combined resid catalyst graded system. The combination with the above catalysts provide the highest efficiency in asphaltene conversion, hydrodemetallation, and hydrodesulfurization whilst maximising unit cycle time.

HT 438 is delivered under oxide form and requires sulfiding by injection of suitable agents such as DMDS.

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