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ACT 077

  • Description:Inert Grading - Speciality bed topping, macroporous
  • Characteristics:Al2O3
  • Shape:Fluted Ring

ACT 077 is normally loaded as grading material at the top of catalytic beds of units sensitive to pressure drop build up. Accumulation of deposits can cause a continuous rise in bed pressure drop, adversely affecting hydraulic capacity and flow distribution. It eventually may require the mechanical removal of the catalyst (skimming or replacement).

ACT 077, shaped as a special 10-mm diameter fluted extrudate, is an inert macro-porous alumina with a high void fraction that provides efficient capture of particulates and other contaminants contained in the feed. The risk of blockage and even crust formation at the top of the catalyst bed is hence greatly reduced and the cycle life of the catalyst is extended significantly.

ACT 077 is normally loaded in combination with Axens’ most appropriate size and activity ACT series top bed grading materials for pressure drop control. It can be used in liquid, vapor or mixed phase operations in services such as hydrotreatment of hydrocarbon cuts from naphtha to vacuum gasoil and similar applications.

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