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IS 463

  • Description: isomerization - C5 Olefins Skeletal Isomerization (Iso-5®)
  • Characteristics:Proprietary
  • Shape:Spheres


IS 463 is an alumina-based catalyst for the skeletal isomerization of C4 and C5 olefins cuts. The isomerization process produces iso-olefins used as an intermediate in MTBE and TAME synthesis.

High yields of iso-olefins are obtained along with high selectivity at moderate temperatures.

IS 463 is a robust catalyst, very easy to operate and easily regenerable by an ordinary coke burn-off step. Its high resistance to attrition allows its use in a continuous catalyst regeneration process.

Moreover IS 463 offers a high resistance to poisoning by sulfur, nitrogen, oxygenates and diolefins.

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