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Consulting - Axens Horizon

Axens Horizon offers a customized approach, including tailored studies, audits and consulting services, covering technical and operational issues in the refining and petrochemical industries.

Axens Horizon makes a positive economic difference through a variety of different services.

Powerful tools, such as rigorous process modeling and linear programming (LP), are combined with in-house expertise to support strategic decision making. A multi-step methodology is applied:

This approach provides reliable and customized solutions.

  1. data collection and validation
  2. benchmarking
  3. recommendations and implementation.

Consulting Portfolio

New Assets Studies
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Axens Horizon’s proven methodology for project development, backed by world-class refining and petrochemical expertise and proprietary tools, provides a comprehensive, customized offer adapted to clients’ specific requirements...

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Master Planning
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Existing assets are subject to evolving constraints, such as feedstock changes, tightening product specifications, changing product slates or new environmental regulations.
Axens Horizon can help Axens’ clients to adapt their existing assets to a new business environment. The company’s expertise covers all refining and petrochemical process technologies and provides a reliable source of data for reviewing process configuration options and maximizing the potential of existing assets...

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CO2 Mitigation
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Your single-source solutions for energy efficiency & greenhouse gas emissions management

Axens Horizon and ORBEO combine their expertise and experience in energy efficiency and emission reductions management to improve customers’ refining and petrochemical performance...

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Energy Efficiency Improvement
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The energy sector represents 66.5% of total Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, 6.4% of GHG are produced by Oil and Gas extraction, refining & processing activities and 4.1% by chemicals and petrochemicals.

The Kyoto Protocol, adopted on 11 December 1997 and entered into force on 16 February 2005, has been ratified by 187 countries as of July 20092 in order to address Climate Change...

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Specific consulting services
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Site location studies :

Site selection is based on a multi-criteria analysis that starts with identifying the requirements that influence the location of the new plant, followed by an assessment of the surroundings’ physical, biological and socioeconomic impacts on the project. The client receives a ranking of possible sites with appropriate justifications...

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