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The chemicals and transportation fuel sectors are facing multiple challenges: reducing their dependence on petroleum resources with cost-competitive solutions and addressing today’s environmental concerns – sustainability and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Axens Solutions addresses these challenges through the offer of several technologies able to produce bio-based fuels and renewable petrochemicals from a wide variety of biomass-derived feedstock: sugars (1st generation), lignocellulosic biomass (2nd generation) and renewable lipids and fats (vegetable oils and waste lipids - used cooking oils and animal fat).

To this end, Axens Solutions provides:

  • Futurol™ Technology to convert waste biomass into cellulosic, second generation (2G) bioethanol through enzymatic conversion and fermentation
  • Vegan® Technology: Axens Solutions has pioneered the first-generation biodiesel market, which involves vegetable oils through a transesterification process. The limitation of biodiesel blending regarding cold flow properties has been overcome with the second renewable lipids upgrading routes in which Axens Solutions is active. It consists in hydroprocessing renewable lipids for the production of high quality, paraffinic bio- jet fuel and HVO. For that purpose Axens Solutions is marketing its Vegan® process.
  • Gasel® Technology Suite, including BioTfueL Project, to enable the production of ultra-clean bio-liquid fuels (BTL), notably biojet fuel and paraffinic diesel, through the Fischer-Trospch conversion of synthesis gas (H2+CO) produced by the gasification of ligno-cellulosic biomass.
  • Atol® Technology for the most profitable production of polymer grade bio-ethylene by dehydration of ethanol.

This constantly evolving portfolio will soon be completed with BioTCat technology, dedicated to the catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass and BioButterfly Technology aiming at biobutadiene production from ethanol.