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Olefins/Pygas Processing & Purification

Steam crackers lie at the heart of the world’s olefins production. Ultra high-purity olefin building blocks are needed to respond to the quality requirements for polymerization reactions. Axens Solutions has the world’s largest portfolio of olefin processing technologies and catalysts, which is backed by a cumulative onstream operating experience that exceeds 30 million hours.

Axens Solutions’ LD series catalysts are the clear market choice for all liquid phase hydrogenation reactions, including the purification of C3, C4, C5 and pygas cuts. Olefin transformation technologies using homogeneous catalysts are Axens Solutions' best sellers. Among them: the AlphaButol process, for the production of high purity 1-butene from ethylene; the AlphaHexol process, for the production of high purity 1-hexene from ethylene; and the Dimersol-X process, for the production of octenes from butenes.