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Benzene Saturation

Increased regulatory pressure to reduce benzene in the gasoline pool requires a comprehensive solution.  Controlling reformer feed or severity as a means of limiting benzene production is a costly option and may not be adequate. Benzene hydrogenation downstream of the reformer offers a reliable solution for benzene control without compromising reformer severity.

As a result of Axens Solutions long experience in the field of hydrogenation, Axens Solutions offers the cost effective BenfreeTM technology to saturate benzene.

Axens Solutions has developed two configuration options: Benfree C and Benfree RD to address operator requirements in terms of performance, flexibility, reliability and cost.

  • Benfree C: The Conventional option consists in a hydrogenation unit downstream of a reformate splitter to saturate the benzene contained in the light reformate stream. Benfree C is the preferred option for very high benzene reduction requirements
  • Benfree RD: the alternative option utilizes a Reactive Distillation concept by optimal integration of an external hydrogenation reactor with the reformate splitter column, thus reducing equipment and associated costs. This simple arrangement provides excellent benzene saturation and is simple to operate.

This is typically the selected option for moderate to high benzene reduction requirements. 

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