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Selective Hydrogenation in Refining

Unsaturated LPG cuts from FCC and coker or Steam Cracking units contain unwanted dienes and/or acetylenes that need to be removed before further treatment.

Alkyfining® is the market leader for upgrading unsaturated LPG cuts; by converting butadiene and MAPD, it greatly enhances the performance of downstream units.

Axens Solutions' Alkyfining® technology is the solution when treatment of unsaturated LPG is required. Depending on the downstream utilization of LPG cuts it can be used

Whatever the application, special attention is paid during design to minimize losses of valuable olefins.

A series of catalysts is available to ensure high activity and optimum selectivity throughout the run cycle. It is important to make the choice of catalyst in conjunction with the contaminants (e.g. sulfur) that are often present in cracked feedstock.

This technology can be used to treat C3, C4 or combined C3 and C4 olefinic cuts.

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