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Hydrogenation of heavy cuts

Unsaturated heavy cuts from refinery or petrochemical plants can be profitably upgraded to car fuels (gasoline and middle distillates) or solvents by hydrogenation.

Axens Solutions' Hydrogenation technology is the solution of choice when saturation of diolefins and olefins in unsaturated cuts is required. Depending on the downstream utilization of the hydrogenated product the Hydrogenation process can be implemented,

  • at low severity to control the olefin content of the product and achieve the olefin or stability requirements of the gasoline or middle distillate pool
  • at higher severity to promote the hydrogenation of both aromatics and Olefins in order to produce high purity paraffinic solvent for petrochemical applications

Feedstock choices include dimerization and oligomerization product from propylene or mixed-butenes fractions, or combinations of these. Axens Solutions' hydrogenation technology ideally complements Axens Solutions' heterogeneous oligomerization Polynaphtha, Selectopol process as well as homogeneous oligomerization, known as Dimersol.

Axens Solutions' catalysts have been developed to ensure high activity throughout the run cycle. It is important to consider the contaminants present in the cracked feedstock, such as sulfur, when selecting catalyst as these are likely to be present in the oligomerization product.

The technology is industrially proven with very low aromatics content in the hydrogenated product as low as 10 wt ppm.

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