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Gasoline Selective Desulfurization

Deep hydro desulfurization (HDS) of FCC gasoline (the largest sulfur contributor in the gasoline pool) is required to reduce gasoline pool sulfur content.
The Prime-G+TM technology is the market leader for selective hydrodesulfurization of cracked naphtha.

Axens Solutions is the first company to have started-up units producing FCC gasoline at 10 wppm sulfur which gives us unrivalled industrial expertise, accumulated from years of experience. 

  • Prime-G+ is the result of industrial feedback, a deep understanding of the chemical reactions involved and extensive pilot work.
  • Prime-G+ enables over 99 % desulfurization of the whole FCC naphtha while maximizing octane barrels. A major reason for this success is related to the catalytic system, specially developed to ensure high activity, optimum selectivity and contaminant resistance throughout the cycle length which typically is greater than the FCC turnaround.

Within the preferred arrangement, the "Prime-G+ 1st Step" produces an olefin-rich light cracked naphtha (LCN) and the sulfur-rich heavy cracked naphtha (HCN) is sent to the selective HDS to maximize octane retention.

To further ensure that customers receive the best available solution for octane retention, Axens Solutions and BP have formed an alliance that enables Axens Solutions to exclusively offer BP’s new OATS™ (Olefin Alkylation of Thiophenic Sulfur) process.
OATS is industrially proven and is aimed at desulfurizing the light or mid cracked Naphtha cut without the need for hydrogen.

The first step of Prime G+ technology is in offering excellent preparation for the feed of the light gasoline etherification (TAME / TAEE) unit.   
The TAME/TAEE process ideally complements Prime-G+ technology in compensating for the octane loss and regaining the octane barrels. 

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