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Catalytic Cracking - High Propylene

The worldwide demand for propylene is more than half that of ethylene. In the coming years, propylene demand is set to increase and outpace the growth rate of ethylene. This market development will apply considerable pressure on refiners and olefin producers and cannot be ignored. Historically, propylene is a by-product of ethylene production especially from steam crackers. In the Middle East where the majority of steam crackers use ethylene as a feed, the resulting propylene production is only 0.02 tons of propylene per ton of ethylene, causing a large ethylene imbalance in this region.

In order to address the general lack of propylene from steam crackers, dedicated propylene production technologies, such as propane de hydrogenation, metathesis, olefin cracking and High Olefin FCC have recently been developed

Axens Solutions has developed a large portfolio of solutions to produce more propylene per barrel of crude oil:

  • High Propylene FCC (HP FCCTM) for traditional distillate feeds to produce 10-15wt% propylene
  • Resid to Propylene (R2PTM) for residue feeds to produce 8-13 wt% propylene
  • FlexEneTM to produce more propylene from butene and pentene while minimizing fuel gas production.
  • PetroRiserTM to recycle Naphtha from FCC or Coker units and maximize propylene production.
  • HS-FCCTM (High Severity FCC) to reach 15 to 25wt% Propylene in a down-flow FCC reactor from VGO or Residue.
  • OlicrackTM. A stand alone propylene production unit to transform C4 to C6 olefin-rich feeds into Propylene and Ethylene.

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